Mixing the print industry with design = PRINT DESIGN PT 1

Today I want to talk about the benefits of offering print services along with design work. This would mainly apply to illustrators, photographers, graphics designers. If you can think of mixing other creative fields with print then let us know, comment below!

As a freelancer we generally leverage our skills for money, however just like selling assets you can also sell print. Most designers are unaware of how easy this is to integrate to your current work routine and miss out on the opportunity.

Note: when I use the term 'Printer' I don’t mean your regular office printer, I mean your local print house/production estate.

Did you know that printers offer a 'Trade Discount'?

What this means is that the printers will give X% off their regular prices- you can then quote your clients (ofcourse adding X%) and simply make commission on any customers you refer to print. Simple! This is quite a common practice among many industries.

Did you know that you can send with your business details as the sender?

This feature is quite handy and 99% of the printers will do this for you. This way you'll always be your client's first contact when they need any printing done. If a printer is not able to send off parcels under your business name they will offer to do a 'White Label' parcel, which means it will have no sender address. Some delivery companies can't offer to use different sender address other than where they pick up from therefore printers can't offer this service, however the white label feature is equally as good.

Did you know that we have an 'Unwritten code of practice' between traders?

I'm referring to the work ethics that are generally practiced among the print industry. Some of the useful ones are listed below.

    • if your client gets in touch with your printer to get a price (catch you out) the printers will always refer them back to you.
    • the more work you bring to them, you can negotiate a better discount rate with the printers.
    • printers will give their best customer service to traders, since traders are in for the long run. Everyone likes to keep customers coming back.
Did you know that some people might just come to you for printing?

Wohoo! this is great because all you're doing is some admin work and getting paid for referring customers.

I want to point out some obvious practices. Make sure that you get the necessary insurances/policies in place to cover yourself in case anything goes wrong. for examples: during peak season and snow season, printers can't guarantee delivery times and if you don't prepare your client beforehand, they will hold you responsible and will hassle you for refunds. In my experience it works out best when clients know you're a print broker, however you are not required to tell them your sources. 99% clients are happy as long you are providing quality service.

Prints you can easily sell.

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