Recommended design process

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After many years in the Design industry I have found that this method works best. No matter what you are working on the following process helps define what the client wants. I have worked in Interior Design, Graphic Design, Web design and other digital design. Let’s get started.


Always get as much information as possible!

Clients don’t always know what to tell you so it is important that you get it out of them. Have a little chat with them so you and the client can pinpoint exactly what they’re after.


Do some preliminary research.

Find out what is trending in the relevant market. For example if your client is a restaurant owner then find out what colours are becoming popular, what design styles are getting attention ect.


Initial concept sketch.

It is best practice to quickly sketch out some ideas before spending lots of time on the computer developing the ideas. When you sketch out your ideas, you can very quickly tell what will work and what won’t.


Develop the ‘Best’ concept.

Use your expertise and research to judge which of your concept sketches will work. Then develop this concept into the final design.


Present your final design to the client.

In my experience I have found that its best to present one design (unless asked specifically for more). Its good practice to have one solid concept rather than working on lots of concepts that are no good. Once they see the design they will normally have small tweaks and once that is done they will happily close the project.

There you have it, our 5 steps to get the best results while designing.


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