Should there be regret after choosing the life of a freelancer?

This is something that I think a lot of freelancers get asked (or might even ask themselves at times). The truth is you have to have a certain degree of discipline to manage yourself; that is the key. Let’s quickly analyse some of the biggest pros and cons of working for yourself.


life of a freelancer-imgs-pros

Choose your work environment: This is one is beautiful, you can work from your bed, from a coffee shop, outdoor location, a collaborative hub; the possibilities are endless!

Set your work/life balance (which is nice!): This one goes back to flexibility, it is nice once you do find that balance and can just switch off from work or just simply have shorter days because you felt like it.

Choose your clients/projects: Yes, its true; you can fire your clients! You can choose who you want to work with and have the complete right to refuse anyone you don’t like.

life of a freelancer-imgs-cons

Flexible working doesn’t mean freedom: There are times where you will end up working crazy hours, in the hopes to impress a client or to simply make more money.

Don’t get paid holidays: Unfortunately when you stop working you also stop making money, unlike the benefits of being in a ‘regular’ job.

Have to do your own marketing: You’d be surprised how quickly you have to teach yourself skills that you thought you don’t need, but if you want to keep getting work then you do have to have a marketing plan.

So, do I regret it? No way. Nothing in life is ever perfect but this is definitely worth it. You have to be smart about your choices as a freelancer and you have to be open to self-training. Once you have a game plan (growth strategy) in place then potentially you can be making more money and eventually get the ‘freedom lifestyle’ of your dreams.


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