Things to do when in transit

So here I am sitting in the departure lounge, and I'm thinking I don't want to simply sit in the plane and watch movies as most of us do. I don't fly too often and when I do I really enjoy the experience. More than that I just keep thinking how can I use this unique experience to my creative advantage.

I'm not going to start listing some super creative things since I do want this article to benefit a wide audience. So here a few simple things that you can all do while in transit that you can leverage later on.


Take amazing photos: With the aid of your smart phone, you can easily take some super amazing images while taking off, landing and while mid air. The views are breath-taking and no matter how many times you fly or how many images you take, you will always capture a few that you can brush up and sell online.



Take videos: The above goes same for videos. You can easily create landing, takeoff and videos of cabins/staff (dont forget to take their permission). Just like the photos you can sell stock video footage and monetise it. Yoy dint necessarily need to be a pro, anyone can do this!


Carry your business cards: This the best time to hand out your cards to people you get talking to while travelling. The obvious result will be that your portfolio will diversify and you can start to create an international prescence of your brand. We know that different cultures have a strong influence on the end design. Working with multiple cultures will give you a learning advantage too. Remember people trust those they have met more, so this is better than getting hired online.


For God's sake- carry a notepad/laptop: Being in flight or waiting at a lounge has pretty much the same effect as being in the shower. You see, since your brain isn't really being used much it had the time to get creative! It is important that you mentally prepare yourself to unleash your creativity. Im writing this article while I wait for my flight, better than staying at the sunglasses shop for 5 hours!


Study time: Different locations and people will definitely inpire you. So use this time to take note of your surroundings, see how different colors, shapes, typo, furniture, interior ect can be interpreted and used to produce your next amazing project. Take pics and videos along with notes to remind you of how you felt while visiting different airplane / airports. You'd be surprised how making yourself conciously aware of your surroundings will help improve the quality of your work.


Before I conclude this article, let me answer a question that some of you might be wondering- yes people give me the 'she's a first timer' look when I'm taking photos. Meh :/

You have suggestions of more things to do? Why not comment below and let us know how you like to travel!

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